How to wear maxi dresses with leather jacket for maximum style

A biker jacket is a classic and versatile piece of clothing that can be combined with various outfits. One of the most popular ways to wear a biker jacket is in combination with a maxi dress. The combination of the feminine maxi dress and the edgy biker jacket creates a unique and fashionable look. In this article Misuri gives you some tips and ideas on how to wear a biker jacket with a maxi dress.

Choose the right maxi dress to style a leather biker jacket

Before you can ask yourself how to style a maxi dress with a leather biker jacket, the first step is to decide how to choose your maxi dress: this is because they come in different cuts, fabrics and prints. If you want to wear a biker jacket with it, it's best to choose a dress with a simple design and neutral colors. A solid color maxi dress can be a good choice. It can be dark or light, the important thing is to avoid dresses with a lot of ruffles or patterns that could clash with the biker jacket. Once you have found your maxi dress, there is nothing to stop you from reaching for the right biker jacket. 

Wear a maxi dress with biker jacket for a casual fashion mood

A biker jacket is a great choice if you want to wear it with a maxi dress. The jacket should fit snugly and accentuate your curves, but not be so tight that it restricts your movement. The contrast between the rugged biker jacket and the delicate dress is what makes the look. To know how to style a biker jacket, the more structured the jacket, the more boxy it is.The more the shoulders are accentuated, the softer the dress underneath will flow. For a casual off-duty look, you don't need more than a leather jacket, like Maura, and a maxi dress. Sneakers or ballerinas and a shopper are a good choice to accompany it.

Looking elegant with maxi dress and biker jacket

If you want to go out with your best girlfriends, you can spice up your biker leather jacket. In this case, you can combine a long knit dress and pumps with the biker jacket. Leather ankle boots also go great with the biker jacket, and you should also choose jewelry to enhance the whole outfit. You can also play with textures by mixing them. 

For example, the coarse leather biker jacket 16403 Ricamo goes great with a silk maxi dress, or the suede biker jacket Carlotta is suitable with a fine cotton maxi dress.

A festive look with maxi dress and biker jacket 

There are many ways to wear a biker jacket.  But how to wear a leather biker jacket to a festive affair like a birthday or even a wedding? Maybe you reject the idea right away, but it is really possible if you combine a dark leather biker jacket like Chiodo with a light dress and style it elegantly. However, high shoes or sandals and an elegant handbag are a must for a party look.

Get your leather biker jacket in the right place

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