Why a clutch bag looks good at weddings and at many other events

What was initially only seen on the red carpet is now completely trendy: those mini bags, also called clutch bags. We at Misuri are absolute fans, because a clutch bag is the ideal companion for a wedding. Basically, you don't want to carry a bag at a wedding, but you still need to have the most important things at hand, especially handkerchiefs! In such situations, the clutch proves to be a saving angel: everything fits in there and still you look absolutely glamorous! Here Misuri explains exactly what a clutch is and what its wearers like to use it for.

What is a clutch bag and what is it used for

Many people associate any small handbag with a clutch. This is only partially true, because there are also very small bags that are not clutch bags or medium sized bags that belong to the clutch category. Accordingly, there is sometimes confusion among the many models of bags. An important rule to identify the clutch bag is that a clutch bag has no straps or handles and is therefore a very popular model for special occasions such as weddings, because in an elegant wardrobe a discreet clutch fits best. Many clutches now have a detachable chain, thanks to which they can also be worn as a shoulder bag. Nevertheless, by definition, they remain a women's clutch because they do not have a handle.

How to wear a clutch bag correctly?

Since the classic clutch has no handles, some people wonder how best to wear the good piece. There are two possibilities to wear a clutch bag: the first is to hold it in your hand. This is the most popular way to incorporate a clutch into an elegant wedding outfit. Therefore, the clutch should be rather small so that carrying it is as comfortable as possible.

You can also clamp it between your upper arm and elbow and press it against your body. As indicated before, today there are some clutch bags with chains, such as the Misuri Daisy Bag. This hand-stitched shoulder bag made of genuine lamb leather has a delicate woven pattern and thanks to the detachable straps it can be worn both in the hand, under the arm, or just with the fine chains on the shoulder.

The clutch bag made of genuine leather

The clutch made of leather is something very cool and is extremely suitable for a wedding, or dinner and subsequent party with friends, if you do not want to accentuate the bag. The leather bag is not too elegant and can look chic, simple, or subtle, depending on your taste and outfit. Misuri genuine leather clutch bags come in many bright colors like fuchsia, red, and royal blue. Generally, the clutch bag models have a push button, such as the Classic Clutch made of soft calfskin with gold hardware. However, Misuri increasingly deviates from this rule and also offers clutch bags with zipper or snap closure.

The unusual clutch bag as an eye-catcher

This clutch bag is especially suitable for a wedding because it is something very special and a very fashionable alternative to the handle free evening bag. The look is reminiscent of a pouch, a small sachet, or a sphere. This evening bag is playfully attached to the belt and is an absolute eye-catcher. The fashionable Belt Bag in burgundy made of Italian vegetable tanned and then hammered calfskin is perfect as a clutch bag for a wedding. Normally clutch bags are rectangular in shape, but sometimes designers deviate from the norm and create round or oval clutch bags.

The wow clutch bag that really stands out

There is no patent remedy for the right clutch, but for sure there are many examples worth seeing on the market for a wedding. Exceptional is the eye-catching fur clutch bag in red or black. Such handbags are particularly eye-catching because they add an extravagant accent to the entire outfit - as a colorful detail, interesting texture, or elegant touch, and the Fur Clutch bag is also suitable for a wedding. However, make sure that the clutch doesn't end up so stuffed that it barely closes and looks baggy. That's why Misuri has a good tip: Because very few evening bags have the space of a whole purse, you can get a small card case from Misuri. There's plenty of room for your credit card, banknotes, and maybe a few coins.

The clutch is an all-round icon

Whether it's for a wedding, dinner with a girlfriend, or business lunches with colleagues - for many occasions of this kind, a clutch bag is simply indispensable as an elegant accessory. Especially with long evening dresses or fine apparel, some women prefer a more discreet handbag that complements their elegant look. Whether made of fur or genuine leather, there are no limits to the designs of clutch bags. So, at the Misuri online store you can find clutches in all color variations and in a wide variety of materials that you should check out.