Leather Care

Leather is a unique product which, with the correct care and cleaning, will withstand both time and the elements.

Caring for your leather is important.
Garments are best hung in a dry and aerated space and not left for long periods in direct sunlight. Areas such as cuffs and collars can be subject to exposure to perspiration, perfumes and hairspray. Any such staining should be treated by professional cleaners only. Nappa and suede are not waterproof and no guarantee is provided against water damage. Leather will crease if not packed and stored correctly, and can be ironed using a cool iron, no steam, and a cotton cloth.
Do not place the iron directly on the leather.

We advise professional cleaning only.

Hides often contain markings such as variations in colour and veining. Even the most carefully-chosen hides will contain markings that are not removed during the tanning process. These markings are characteristic to each individual hide and as such are not considered faults.

Articles such as bags, wallets and belts can be revived by polishing with a soft cloth, and using specific leather cleaning products.