What are the most beautiful leather jackets for women this spring?

Will the leather jacket ever be out of fashion? More than unlikely! And now, with the warm season, the fashion classic is back on the trend radar in three different lengths - the leather jacket is once again one of the season's most beautiful transitional favorites. Of course, the designs are now adapting to the new fashion trends of spring, however, and so the best spring leather jacket for women is once again interpreted in a modern and contemporary way. Here we present the short, the medium length, and the long leather jacket for women from the trendy brand Misuri, and explain which type of woman each jacket suits best!

1. The short leather jacket with beautiful hand seams

If you are seams particular lover, you should definitely choose a short cut leather jacket as the best leather jacket for this spring. You should make sure that the most suitable leather jacket ends approximately at the height of the waist.

Here, the casual leather jacket Ricamo 16403 in pink or navy is very suitable. It resembles a quilted jacket and is especially suitable for casual looks or as a style break over a dress.

Thanks to the perfectly fitting cut, this leather jacket can be worn excellently on colder days this spring, as a knitted sweater fits underneath without any problems. It is made of buttery soft lamb leather. The stitching in quilted pattern adds a touch of couture to a simple leather jacket, in which every woman will cut a fantastic figure!

2. The medium length leather jacket in A-line for the female figure

Every women can easily find the best leather jacket for their figure type at Misuri. The mid-length leather jacket in A-line, which reaches over the buttocks, is excellent for shape the body and make the silhouette harmonious.

The Nora model with stand-up collar is simple and elegant at the same time and is a mid-length leather jacket made of soft lamb leather in many spring colors like pink, aquamarine, or red with two large square buttons on the upper part in the same color to close the jacket.

The collar can either be folded down or worn as a stand-up collar in colder weather. The highlight of this leather jacket for this spring is the flowery lining that you can wear with pleasure in nice weather by wearing the leather jacket open. You will receive Nora with a matching scarf to the lining, wonderfully floral and spring-like.

3. The long leather coat in soft spring colors

Misuri has a fantastic model in store for lovers of spring colours. Sally, for example, is a delicate pink spring jacket. This three-quarter length coat is made of soft lambskin, which fits comfortably to the body. Hidden buttons and a straight hem are very comfortable. You can warm your hands in the hidden side pockets or carry your essentials directly in the pocket.

More models for every body type in the online store

The leather jacket is a garment for all occasions, which means that it can be worn without problems on almost any occasion in your free time. No matter if the woman then goes on a pub crawl with jeans and a t-shirt or just goes for a walk with her sweetheart, the leather jacket is always the right companion, no matter if it is a short, a midi, or a long leather jacket this spring!

Discover more models of the best leather jackets for women in the Misuri online store, where each jacket is made by hand. Immediately after your order in the store, Misuri will tailor the leather jacket for your figure type within 35 days, with the utmost care and attention to every detail.