Discover our Italian leather bags

Bags are an essential accessory, and every woman owns at least one of them for every special occasion. You need a bag while going to work, you need a bag while partying out at night, you will also need one on your wedding day. Can you resist to Italian fashion design and genuine Tuscany leather bags?

Misuri knows how important a bag can be, thanks to its long and well-established tradition on Italian leather bags manufacturing. We are placed in the very heart of Florence and have been crafting handmade genuine leather bags for generations.

Our Italian leather bags come both in classic and modern design, identifying your style and the purpose you need them for. This is the concept that inspired our everlasting Kelly Bag, a classic item designed in 1950 and named after Grace Kelly. Provided with an automatic clasp and a convertible shoulder strap, the Kelly Bag comes with different sizes and colours, some of them embellished with a handmade gold gilding on the front of the bag.

The Elle Bag is perfect for your everyday use, while the Large Wristlet is the ideal choice for a brunch or a night out. All our bags are high-quality handmade leather crafted, although the workmanship may vary. Did you know that you can order our Italian leather bags online?

Genuine leather bags made in Italy

Our Story dates back to 1906. We have been crafting Italian leather bags since then and we still use the same processing method that made our brand a leading company in the leather industry.

We believe this to be a hallmark of quality, since manufacturing genuine Italian leather bags manually is a very peculiar and demanding task. Every single stage of the creation process is done by hand, from leather cutting to assembling and sewing our bags, regarding our products with special attention to every single detail.

Dedication and passion inspire our crafting work, as we only use genuine and sustainable leather to manufacture our prestigious Tuscany leather bags. Genuine leather lives feels better and are superior to cheaper imitations with faux leather. 

The finished Italian leather bags, therefore, differ in both appearance and durability and our traditional gilding technique gift our products a touch of luxury. 



Are genuine leather bags completely made in Italy?

Yes, on our online shop you can only find genuine Italian leather bags, made entirely by hand and following high-quality standards.

What is your return policy?

Misuri is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the genuine Italian leather bag, please contact us within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will return for a refund or replacement of any unused item in its original condition.

Can I customize genuine leather bags?

Yes, our genuine Italian leather bags can be customized. You have the possibility to insert a maximum of 4 personalized letters in gold or embossed.


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