Discover our Italian Leather Accessories for Men

Elevate your style with our glamorous Italian leather accessories for men

Misuri’s Italian leather wallets come in different colors and shapes. Bifolds and Trifolds are the classical choices and can store up to 11 credit cards. Credit card holders and money clips are a must-have for minimalistic people.

If you wish to set the latest trends, you should gift yourself a glamorous pair of Italian leather gloves. Misuri designed cashmere-lined gloves for coolest temperatures, unlined gloves for mild climates, and driving leather gloves for racers like you.

A genuine leather belt made in Florence will embellish your outfit. Are you a classical person or a modern one? We suit both of them, with different models and styles.

Men’s leather accessories shaped by Misuri meet every need and purpose. You can find a selection of Business Card holders, Cigar cases, Eyeglass cases, Hip Flasks, and a stunning Leather Box with Poker Cards.

Genuine leather accessories made in Italy

Misuri has a long and well-established tradition in leather craftsmanship. Our boutique is one of the most ancient in Florence: we lead the industry with our glamorous and legendary men’s leather accessories made in Italy with the same high-quality standards we first adopted in 1906.

We only used genuine and sustainable leather to shape our Italian Leather Accessories for Men. Genuine leather is more flexible and resistant than faux leather and we select it carefully.

All of our items are customizable with our traditional gold leather gilding technique. Don’t miss the chance to feel classy and fashionable!