Cashmere lined Gloves

Discover our Italian leather gloves cashmere lined

Celebrate your beauty this winter and gift yourself with a glamorous pair of Italian leather gloves cashmere lined!

Leather gloves are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe for several reasons. They protect your hands every time of the year, they are pleasant and comfortable to wear, and they are a stylish and everlasting accessory. The cashmere lining is warm and soft at the touch and makes it the perfect choice for winter.

Our women's Italian cashmere-lined leather gloves have a small slit on the inside of the wrist for a comfortable fit and come in several colors. Yellow leather gloves are beautiful and brilliant, Sea Blue is elegant and breathtaking, and all of them are soft and buttery. 

Genuine leather gloves cashmere lined made in Italy

Our story dates back to 1906 when we first crafted our legendary Italian leather gloves cashmere lined. Our manufacturing standards have remained unchanged since then, and we consider this our hallmark of quality.

We only use genuine and sustainable leather to make our glamourous products, and every step of the production process is done by hand. We manually cut our leather, then we put the pieces together, then we manually sew our women's Italian cashmere-lined leather gloves. 

And if you want your everlasting accessory to be unique and even more stylish, gold leather gilding customization is also available!