Discover our Italian leather gloves for Men

Take a walk on the streets like a real James Bond wearing your stunningly fashionable Italian leather gloves.

Italian leather gloves for men are a must-have if you fancy all the latest trends and you want to set them. Misuri shaped his collection of gloves for men bearing in mind their needs and purposes.

Cashmere-lined leather gloves are perfect for winter, with their warm lining keeping your hands warm. The Unlined Gloves are the ideal companion for medium temperatures when the weather is not too cold and your hands still need to be protected. Driving leather gloves are a fashion statement, especially if you drive vintage or sports cars.

Gift yourself a glamorous pair of Italian leather gloves for men, and you won’t feel unnoticed!

Genuine leather gloves made in Italy

Misuri has its headquarters in Piazza Santa Croce, Florence. Our story began in 1906 when we first shaped our legendary Italian leather gloves.

Our leather processing techniques have remained unchanged since then, and we feel proud to emphasize it because we consider this a quality mark.Shaping our Italian leather gloves for men is a peculiar yet fascinating task: every stage of the manufacturing process is carried out manually, from leather cutting to sewing. 

It takes up to three days to craft our glamorous gloves for men, made with genuine and sustainable lambskin leather only. And if you want to stand out from the crowd you can customize your fashionable gloves with a 22-carat gold leaf, making your accessory even more luxurious.