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  1. Vega
    $1,067.41Excluded VAT
  2. Chiodo
    $969.90Excluded VAT
  3. Sally
    $1,847.43Excluded VAT
  4. Melissa
    $2,052.70Excluded VAT
  5. Marta
    $1,128.99Excluded VAT
  6. Liliana
    $431.07Excluded VAT
  7. Carlotta
    $1,508.74Excluded VAT
  8. Anastasia
    $1,128.99Excluded VAT
  9. GLS A77
    $2,340.08Excluded VAT
  10. Gaia
    $1,395.84Excluded VAT
  11. Daniela
    $1,164.91Excluded VAT
  12. DIVA
    $431.07Excluded VAT
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Discover our Italian leather jackets 

Everyone should have a high-quality leather jacket. No item can be as durable, adaptable, and stylish as a leather jacket: it looks cool and always will!

If you are looking for a top-quality leather jacket, you should opt for a genuine “Made in Italy” product. Italian leather jackets are the best example of the art of leather manufacturing, combining style, elegance, and quality.

Misuri designed several models of fashionable Italian leather jackets that meet women’s needs and tastes. We created stunning lambskin leather trench coats like Ariel and gorgeous three-quarter length coats like Sally, Melissa, and the PE13805. The latest is breathtaking: it owns a dressy style and laser-cut design that makes it extremely elegant for your gala nights. 

Vega, Maura, and Marta have a more informal yet stylish look: perfect for everyday life and your nights out.

Genuine leather jackets made in Italy

Misuri has a long-standing tradition in the Tuscany leather processing industry. Our story dates back to 1906, and we still apply the same high-quality standards that made us a leading company in leather craftsmanship.

We only use genuine and sustainable lambskin leather to manufacture our legendary Italian leather jackets appealing to women’s taste. And we made them manually, from leather cutting to sewing.

We tailor our women’s Italian leather jackets entirely by hand. Just choose your favorite product and fill the form with your detailed size: we will tailor your leather jacket in 35 days, with special care and attention to the smallest details.