How to take your measurements

Please be sure to follow this measurement guide as closely as possible for the most accurate results.  Our level of accuracy is directly related to the measurements you submit.Please understand that we cannot be held liable for personal measurement errors. 

We suggest wearing lightweight, fitted clothes, however, if you plan to wear the jacket over a heavy sweater let us know so we can adjust the size to accomodate the extra layers.  If possible have someone else help you with the measurements, remember to relax and not pull the measuring tape too tight.  

-Circumference measurements should be taken with care - making sure the tape measure remains parallel to the floor.

Jacket Length- measure from the top of your spine/base of your neck down to your tailbone.  This measurement will help to understand how tall you are and if the style jacket will fit properly.

Shoulders- Measure the width of your back across the broadest part of the shoulders: from the joint where your shoulder meets your arm, across the upper back (about 1-2 inches below the neckline), to the other joint.  Some jackets don’t have defined shoulder seams, but this measurement is very important to make sure the fit is as perfect as possible.

Chest/Bust Circumference - Measure around the broadest/fullest part of your chest.  You will need to lift up your arms and wrap the tape measure around your torso, under your arms, and across your breast.

Waist Circumference - Find your natural waist, usually found just above your belly button, but easier to find by bending to one side and pinpointing the natural crease of your waist.  Measure all the way around your torso where the ‘crease’ is formed.

Hips-  The tape measure should be wrapped around the widest part of your hips and bottom.  

Sleeve Length- Measure from the tip of your shoulder to the first joint of your thumb as your arm naturally hangs straight.  MISURI in general suggests that you have the sleeve length adjusted by a local tailor as any customization usually means that the jacket is no longer exchangeable or refundable.  

Bicep- Measure the circumference of your bicep without flexing.