Unlined Gloves

Discover our Italian leather unlined gloves

Hands can speak secret languages and build breath-taking palaces. You can do several things with your hands, which are beautiful masterpieces too. So, why not embellish them?

Everyone’s wardrobe can’t miss Italian leather unlined gloves, which protect your hands with style and are perfect for medium weather. They gently warm your hands, feel comfortable at the touch and offer you a great chance to define your style. 

If you are looking for a glamorous example of this vintage yet everlasting accessory, our Italian leather unlined gloves are a perfect choice. They come in several colors and have a small slit on the inside of the wrist for a comfortable fit.

Don’t miss the chance to gift yourself with a pair of Italian leather unlined gloves!

Genuine leather unlined gloves made in Italy

Feel the softness of genuine lambskin leather with our glamourous Italian unlined gloves made in Florence. It’s a caress your hands deserve, any time of the year.

All of our products are manually made. That means that every single step of the production process is carried out with our hands, from leather cutting to assembling and sewing. We couldn’t know better how important your hands can be.

Lambskin leather gently protects hands, and it’s the perfect choice for medium weather. We only use genuine and sustainable leather to craft our fashionable Italian unlined gloves. It feels better at the touch and kindly fits on your hands.

Gold leather gilding customization is also available, delivering your timeless accessory a luxurious appearance.