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Discover our Italian leather reversible belt for Men

Dress with style and embellish your outfit with a stylish Italian leather reversible belt made in Florence!

Misuri shaped his own collection of Italian leather reversible belts in different colors and sizes. The Classic Reversible Belt is the ideal companion for your formal events. It comes with a gold or rose gold buckle. The Big Classic Reversible Belt has a large clasp that comes in silver or pewter. And if you wish to be more glamorous, you can choose between Modern Round Reversible Belt or the Square one.

All of our Italian leather reversible belts are made with genuine calfskin leather and own a removable buckle that easily lets you switch from black to brown.

Genuine leather reversible belt made in Italy

Misuri has been crafting Italian leather belts since 1906. Our workshop is placed in the heart of Florence, and we remained faithful to the high-quality standards that made us a leading company in leather manufacturing. 

Making a top-value Italian leather reversible belt is a peculiar and inspiring work of craftsmanship. We entirely shaped our accessories manually, with special attention to every detail. 

We only use genuine and sustainable calfskin leather to manufacture our reversible belts. And you can customize them with a 22-carat gold leaf printing, if you



Can I customize genuine leather reversible belts?

Yes, our genuine Italian reversible belt can be customized. You have the possibility to insert a maximum of 4 personalized letters in gold or embossed.

Are genuine leather reversible belt completely made in Italy?

Yes, on our online shop you can only find genuine leather revbersible belts for men, made entirely by hand and following high-quality standards.

What is your return policy?

Misuri is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the Italian belts for men, please contact us within 30 days from the date of purchase and we will return for a refund or replacement of any unused item in its original condition.