What is a wristlet and why should you choose the leather version

It is not a purse and is often smaller and thinner than a clutch. It is considered the ideal compromise when you need a smaller bag but don't fancy a handbag because you end up carrying too much again. With the onset of the warm season, bags are getting smaller on the catwalks and that's where the wristlet is well on its way to making a comeback. Misuri explains what a wristlet is, what occasion to wear it for and why wristlets made of genuine leather are simply more stylish than any other.  

The small and safe little bag for going out

For those who don't know what a wristlet is used for, a wristlet has many advantages. If you want to go out, a wristlet is simply all you need. They are easy to wear on the wrist, because a wristlet has a loop through which you put your hand, and just let the bag hang while walking. There is absolutely no way to lose sight of a wristlet, as you are connected to it. If you choose a wristlet made of leather from Misuri, you will get a unique piece made of Italian leather, which is both noble and practical. The Misuri Collection's handmade Large Wristlet in yellow or light blue is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. It has a zipper closure with a detachable wrist strap and gold hardware and is made of soft Italian leather and has a compact size of 16 x 26 cm.

They are wonderful little bags for any party

You will never have to worry about which bag to take to a wedding or birthday party again. The wristlet is suitable for both daytime and evening wear and can be easily worn while dancing or on the go. Its minimalist model forces one to carry only the very essentials. Some wristlets have a credit card pocket inside, a zipper to safely store the lipstick, phone or other important things.

A wristlet fits perfectly in any handbag

If you have a long day of work ahead of you, you'll probably like to carry a larger bag. A tote bag is a good option to store a wristlet in. If you have a meeting with friends after work, the handy wristlet is already in place. It is then much more practical to do without the big bag. 

When is a wristlet worthwhile

The purchase of a wristlet is always worthwhile, because no matter what is planned or what daily routine such as work, shopping, city stroll it is, an identity card, some cash and credit card should be carried at all times. Buying a leather wristlet is also worthwhile if you are looking for quality. Misuri wristlets are created through strict control principles, where each leather is deliberately selected and checked. The tanning of the leathers is done naturally and the bags are finally sewn by hand.

A wristlet is versatile in use

What a wristlet is, should now be clearer. For women who like to carry their bag on their wrist and not just over their shoulder, a handmade wristlet from Misuri is the perfect choice. It is smaller than any normal handbag, yet ideal for women who want to be seen on the street with style and class. The best part is the excellent quality and style that only a handmade genuine leather handbag can offer! You can choose different sizes and colors. Take a look at the different models that Misuri offers for purchase online and that will suit any occasion.