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Discover the Roberto Cavalli Bags Women from the latest collection with 30% off discount! The bags by Roberto Cavalli take up current trends and add some extra glamour to them. In the early 1970s, he invented and patented a revolutionary printing procedure on leather, and he started creating patchworks of different materials. He debuted these techniques in Paris, immediately getting commissions from the likes of Hermès and Pierre Cardin. At age 30, he presented his first namesake collection at the Salon for Prêt-à-Porter in Paris. He brought it to the catwalks of the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti in Florence, and later on those of Milano Collezioni, jeans made of printed denim, intarsia leathers, brocade and wild prints. He opened his first boutique in 1972 in Saint-Tropez. Cavalli is synonymous with glam and rock. Look to Cavalli for color, and lots of it. A genius when it comes to leather, his designs are wild, sexy, erotic, and fluid. His materials vary (leather, denim, silk, feathers) but the results are often unforgettable.


Shop the latest Benedetta Bruzziches collection with 30% off discount! Benedetta Bruzziches is a unique reality. A family driven creative and productive company growing quickly with the mission of redefining the value of “Made in Italy”. They create art objects, luxury bags in particular, which aim to recover the endangered artisanal realities and bring the work back to Italy of small villages with an impact on the environment that is as kind as possible.The workplace is in the beautiful Caprarola, in a bucolic and natural context, that you could take a chance to visit if you pass by. The soul thrives on references to intimacy: the bag becomes a symbol representing the deep path of the woman who chose it. Those objects want to be a stargate for this belief: there are goddesses in every woman. Benedetta merges her poetic language into high quality materials, her research around levity affects the production processes and her aim for an innovated craft expertise’s mix, shades and shadows proceed with a longlife research. Art collaborations are a constant pleasure filtered by the italian heritage together with specific wind that comes from the forest in which the brand has put his roots. Actress and singers as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cirus, Anne Hathaway have spontaneously chosen to wear BB bags. Will it be because every Benedetta’s object comes already into them?


Serapian, a symbol of Italian craftsmanship worldwide. Since the early 1920s, the Serapian story has become a rich narrative full of milestones and iconic elements that have shaped its legacy and success. Stefano Serapian started in Milan designing and producing luxury accessories and small leather goods that revealed his talent and expertise. The way leather is handled, and the construction of a bag vary significantly from country to country, from region to region, making each one instantly recognisable to the discerning eye. Like a well-kept secret, this know-how is passed down from generation to generation. In 1947, Stefano Serapian introduced Mosaico, an intricate mosaic-like weaving process made with strips of lamb nappa leather, which remains one of the Maison's distinctive hallmarks.


The company was born in Fano, Marche region, the Orciani Company is still today an idea and creativity factory: here leathers, manufactures and Italian design tradition come together to create belts, bags and suitcases that express the wearer's personality. The Brand over time, has acquired a clear identity, capable of innovating without ever betraying its identity, where past and future come together to create a timeless object. Carefully selected materials, experimentation with original workmanship ideas, and the creative manipulation of leather, with the aim and aspiration of exploring all this versatile material's physical and aesthetic potentials. The concept of innovative craftsmanship was born in our workshops, expressing the constant drive to explore the material, sometimes pushing it to its limits, in ceaseless stylistic experimentation. Impressive manual skills, a savoir-faire that ORCIANI has built up over time, together with innovative methods of workmanship, many years of experience and great sensitivity. The craft tradition is placed at the service of the constant striving for novelty, in a clearly defined product identity that does not disdain the promptings of fashion: it is between these two, apparently opposing poles that Orciani and its products establish their unique identity.


Enjoy the unique Italian leather bags by Giancarlo Petriglia in our online boutique store with 50% off discount. The collection is characterized by a glamorous and luxurious style. Petriglia is an exceptional Italian designer of bags and accessories with rarest talent, taste and sense of style. Born in Milan, Giancarlo Petriglia is considered to be one of the most innovative fashion designers of nowadays. His collection of bags is emphasizing Made in Italy identity achieved through expert craftsmanship of leather manufacturing. The bags have recognizable and unique design, and impeccable quality. Each bag is accurately designed, and every single bag has a secret inside. It’s for a Lady with an immense sense of style and love for exceptional quality and design. You can recognize his unique identity thanks to his logo – two parallel griffins, mythological guardians of Gold – one of the most precious things on earth. It’s from this concept of preciousness that the brand philosophy was born and took shape. The designer creates luxurious and glamorous bags. Main focus of the collection is Made in Italy craftsmanship. All creations of Giancarlo Petriglia are handmade in Sicily, where the designer re-discovered the mastery and the emotions of this land.


Discover the Furla selection with 50% off discount in our online store. Furla is 100% Italian – in history and spirit. It is the only brand in the fast-growing premium segment that gives customers an authentic Italian experience and quality. Established in 1927 by Aldo Furlanetto in Bologna, Furla looks towards its 90th anniversary with a foot grounded in its solid past of time-honored craftsmanship, artisanal expertise, a sense of beauty and innovative designs. Furla stands for quality, colorful creativity, joyfulness and a Contemporary Italian Lifestyle - producing bags and accessories for both women and men.


Discover the Alviero Martini Prima Classe Bag Collection with 50% off discount. Hundreds of styles with the iconic Map including backpacks, totes, clutches bags, shoulder bags etc.. Recognizable in the world thanks to the iconic Geo map, Alviero Martini 1AClasse is one of the leading brands in the accessories field expressing the unmistakable Italian style. Today the brand is present in many product categories: high-end leather goods, travel goods, footwear, soft accessories and also clothing collections for men, women. The various collections, inspired by the “urban travel”, are hand-drawn and planned in Italy and the creativity is constantly changing. Each product is the perfect combination of originality, excellent craftsmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing. The Geo Classic fabric arises from a unique and inimitable process; the iconic map is drawn and colored with craftsmanship reproducing a scroll of ancient maps. Every collection becomes an emblem of a timeless style, impeccable models of extraordinary beauty.


Discover the Plinio Visona collection with 50% off in our online boutique. Wearing a Plinio Visonà bag means exhibiting a mix of tradition, culture and love for beauty. Founded in Vicenza, Veneto, in 1959 the Maison Plinio Visonà, by the homonymous artisan and entrepreneur whose passion for work and his original interpretation of the women’s handbag has marked 50 years of fashion history. Today the brand is developed in an innovative and cosmopolitan way by his sons who try to spread the Italian identity and craftsmanship all over the world (currently present in 45 Countries). The production of a Plinio Visonà bag comes from the skilled hands of stylists and artisans in order to obtain a high quality creation.


In 1970, Piero Guidi and his wife Nadia opened a store-workshop where they first started producing leather goods. As an artist he also created the original drawings and designs for the “Magic Circus” which is portrayed on many of his bags from the beginning and still today. These days Piero Guidi is run by Piero’s two sons with the same passion and creativity their parents brought to the business. In 1991, the two angels with spread wings became the logo of this company that is considered an example of innovation and timeless Italian style.


Maffei has made luxury italian leather goods since 1978. Because we all embody multiple personas, Maffei makes iconic bags with ever-morphing identities. One for every version of you.


A Veronese artisan with 20 years’ experience in interior painting, Damiano Ragnolini has been nourishing his desire to create objects that represent his work and contain elements of design, luxury and fashion, detaching them from the world of strictly interior furnishings, after lengthy period of research born from the idea of wooden bags. Only “noble” woods are used: ebony, rosewood, teak and mahogany, materials used in the past for luxury furnishings, particulary in the nautical world.


Ripani bags are made in Italy, directly in the original factory located in Tortoreto - Abruzzo (Italy) where the production is done in a traditional way, with great attention for detail, refinement of workmanship and using quality leather. Leather bags, designed for women who want to take care of their look with a fashion and glamor accessory, to always have an elegant, luxurious and original style, at an affordable price.