The Black Sale has come! TEN Days of sale from November 16 until November 30, with discounts of up to 50% off on a wide selection of items. You can choose from handcrafted ITALIAN DESIGNER BRANDS to MISURI’S PRIVATE COLLECTION of handbags, leather jackets and accessories.

DESIGNER BRANDS with discount up to 30%

Roberto Cavalli, Serapian, Benedetta Bruzziches and many more designer bags exclusively available in Misuri. Designed with luxury by known Italian brands and expertly made using the finest Italian Leather.

MISURI PRIVATE COLLECTION with discount up to 50%

From modern and chic style to classic or hand painted, Misuri’s Private Collection has it all for you. Locally made with the Florentine workmanship that can be seen through the bags and jacket’s quality and innovative designs.

MISURI LEATHER JACKETS with discount up to 50%

Contemporary and classic leather jackets for men and women. Made with the highest quality leather, designed and handmade in Florence. A wide range of style, color and length perfect to be fashion statement in someone’s closet.

ACCESSORIES with discount up to 30%

Variety of products like wallets, gloves, belts and other smaller items crafted from the highest quality leather, exclusively made by Misuri. Perfectly designed to be paired with other Misuri products.